Finally become profitable in Sports Betting!

Mirror Betting®

A revolution! Automatically copy the sports bets of our team of professionals in the field. You are in control of your money. Create an account at the indicated bookmaker and with a simple action authorize the Stratos team to make the bets for you. The percentage of bets, the management of your bankroll, the analysis etc... are all done by our experts. All you have to do is cash in!


Our E-learning service will allow you to train with professional videos. You will discover the vocabulary related to sports betting, but also the possibility to go from "Novice to Pro" with a large video library.

Business contributor

As an option, you can help our company grow by becoming a Business Contributor. Thus, take advantage of our innovative services to improve your daily life by supplementing your income or even make a career for the most ambitious.


Two friends, two entrepreneurs, a common desire. 

To create a platform that will be unavoidable in the world of Sports Betting!
Friends for more than 15 years, Christophe Comballier and Sébastien Goudon have decided to create the Sports Betting platform which will offer professional and carefully studied services. The objective is to offer an environment where all essential services will be grouped together.

The business model for customer acquisition will be based on relationship marketing, influencers and advertising in the broadest sense.

After two years of studies and developments, the two entrepreneurs have developed a technology that allows to copy by mirror effect the Bets that have passed through a Master account. This technology, called Mirror Betting®, allows all individuals who wish to do so to automatically copy sports betting experts and thus considerably improve their profitability rates. 

In order to attract a maximum number of customers, Chris and Seb have decided to offer the Mirror Betting® service during the pre-launch period which will take place from April to September 2021.